Spotlight Exhibition

This virtual exhibition aims to create further dialogues with themes developed via the ‘Visions of the North’ conference. It highlights four key works selected from the collection of Northern European art and visual culture at Compton Verney, forming the spotlight exhibition featured at the conference. These works are juxtaposed with selected other works from various collections from the National Gallery to the British Museum. Together, their purpose is to stimulate a dialogue about Northern European Renaissance artists, practices and their cultural circulation. These examples were to emerge as pivotal for British and Belgian nineteenth-century collectors, artists and critics, in sparking a deeper engagement with their ‘Northern’ pasts. This interactive exhibition spotlights key examples of a new cultural focus on specific types of Northern Germanic prints and objects collected and disseminated by nineteenth-century art collectors, critics and amateurs. It offers insights, via display, word and image, into new routes and contexts through which interest in Northern Renaissance art fired the cultural imagination of nineteenth-century collectors and artists, of profound impact in shaping ideas of modernity, cultural and ‘national’ identity.

For further information about the selected works and critical dialogues exploring their connections go to the specific drop down pages or click the links below:

Venus and Cupid     Barthel Bruyn and Hans Holbein     

Minne and Unknown (Pietà)    Schongauer and Dürer